Looking for investment land or property?


Nadezhda Commodity Firm operates global projects which will shape and fuel the new, active asset management industry.

  • 1. Managing dynamic risk-based cross-asset portfolios
  • 2. We provide to our clients an international based investment firm. We are a pioneer in big real estate data and online trading commodity data technologies.
  • 3. Through our extensive network, we are sourcing and investing the best ideas from our talented fund managers.
  • 4. Innovative and efficient equity hedging solution.


Here are a few good reasons why ownership may benefit you.


Pride of ownership is the number one reason people strive towards property ownership. Ownership provides the sense of stability and security while making an investment in your family's future.


There are many state and federal programs to assist first time buyers. These include the commodity fractional ownership and land development programs. Whether being a seasoned real estate investor or a first time home buyer there are certain basic steps to the home buying process that are normally taken.


Investing or buying a commodity property or a fractional ownership can often be a cumbersome confusing process with countless things to consider. Nadezhda Commodity Firm will be your partner each and every step of the way. It is not only our duty to facilitate the process, but to acclimate you with the mechanics of the Purchase Contract and all elements it entails.

It is our job to listen as well as communicate your needs to all parties involved including lenders, brokers, traders, and transaction coordinators. During this exciting time where crucial deadlines and vital signatures must be met and made it is our ultimate goal to provide you with complete ownership satisfaction. Here are a few recommended steps involved with the home buying process:

  • 1. Determine how much you can afford
  • 2. Get pre-approved
  • 3. Find the right commodity property
  • 4. Make an offer and negotiate terms
  • 4. Closing